About Us

Our Vision & Mission

The SWIMS Foundation is an organization founded in 1999 to promote and support drowning prevention and water safety education across South Florida.  SWIMS stands for Safe Water Instruction Means Safety and our strong belief is that drowning is preventable through awareness, the use of safety precautions, by learning to swim and by learning lifesaving skills.

Our vision is for No More Drownings  in our community, and our mission is to promote and support community-wide efforts to prevent drowning.

Board of Directors

The SWIMS Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse and dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about the mission and vision of the organization. Members of the Board are:

  • Thaddeus Gamory, President

  • Marlene Bloom, Director

  • Jay Sanford, Director

  • Cassie McGovern, Treasurer

  • Andrew Leone, Director

  • Barry Shaw, Director

  • Shirley Harold, Secretary

  • Jim Martin, Director

Donations & Funding

As a national non-profit organization, SWIMS Foundation raises funds through its programs and projects and via donations from supporters who share our vision and believe in our cause.

Your monetary tax-deductable gift allows us to:

  • Support the drowning prevention programs and initiatives of Broward County’s SWIM Central
  • Help bereaved families of the victims of drowning find purpose
  • Support the efforts of the Drowning Prevention Coalition and efforts like the Water Smart Broward program
  • Support annual public awareness campaigns such at Broward Aware! Protecting Our Children
  • Provide adults who do not know how to swim with coupons redeemable for discounted or free swim lessons at local pools
  • Support efforts to more effectively engage youth in under-served, areas in drowning prevention efforts

Click the Donation button below to make a secure online donation that helps SWIMS Foundation continue its efforts to ensure there are no more drownings in our community.